iOS 8 vs. Android Lollipop: Same features, yet more distinct than ever

Ex-MLB player Jose Canseco said he recently had his finger shot off, then surgically reattached. On Thursday, the finger fell off again during a poker game. Ex-MLB player Jose Canseco said he recently had his finger shot off. iOS 8 vs. Android Lollipop: Same features, yet more distinct than ever

Sunday, 3 November 2013

6 Mind Blowing Facts About Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted By: Syed Faizan Ali - 11/03/2013
Football or better known as FIFA is considered as the number one sport that is seen by millions and millions of people living all across the globe. There are many popular players in football but Cristiano Ronaldo is exceptional. Therefore, today we will be discussing some mind blowing and interesting facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bristol Scientists using Urine to Recharge Mobile Phones

Posted By: Support - 10/26/2013

This sounds awful, but soon you will be able to recharge your mobile phones through your own urine. Scientist of Bristol Robotics Laboratory has developed a way through which a person can recharge is mobile phone using urine as the power source of generating electricity.

The study conducted at the University of West England, founds just a half liter urine generated enough energy to make a sex minute phone call and several tax messages. Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, an expert was the guy who used microbial fuel cells in the research work, and said the urine-powered phone is a ‘world first’.

Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos in his laboratory

The device which is used to charge the battery is larger than a car better, but scientist and researchers have shown keen believe that they will be able to make it smaller and more portable in size. If positive progress is made, it is also said that urine powered fuel cell could even replace the batteries in some devices. However, you will find it funny or embarrassing. Using a mobile phone in lavatory will make things more uneasy as it is considered as ill-manners.

The best thing about this fuel source depends upon the erratic nature of the wind or the sun. We are merely using the waste to create the energy. One guy who buys our project won't have to buy it again, because he can use it as long as he likes or as long as he entreats out his urine.

However, the amount of electricity produced in these cells is relatively small and it cannot run a normal cell phone for even one whole day. On the other hand, the researchers said that it cost them around 1£ to produce a functioning fuel cell, so such devices could provide a new cheap form of generating power.

Dr Ieropoulos said: “We have been following a quantity of dissimilar applications. "One would be to put these into domestic situations or it could be used in distant areas of the emerging world. "The fuel cells we have used to charge a mobile phone with hold around 50ml of urine but the smallest we have had working in the laboratory hold 1ml, so we can make them a lot smaller.

The kind of bacteria utilized in this cell is of the same normally found in the waste water. Hopes are high that this project will surely help those people who have no or very less electricity. It could be used in villages not on a high scale, but people can light up a small bulb from their own urine would not be a big deal for them.

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