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20 Awesome and unbelievable facts about the Human Body

Posted By: Syed Faizan Ali - 10/24/2013


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Studying the human body reveals the secrets of true engineering. There are no two opinions that the creator is certainly powerful and has designed the human body is such a manner that no one else can replicate the same. From all the hidden facts to the most astonishing confessions here are the 20 Awesome and unbelievable facts about the Human Body.


Human body gives off heat to boil half-gallon of water per ½ hour:

The average human body pumps out enough heat in only half an hour to boil a half-gallon of water.


300,000 million capillaries in Lungs:

Lungs consists of tiny blood vessels, if they were laid out, they would have span, 1500 miles


Our Stomach can Melt ZINC:

The acid present in our stomach has the edacity to melt ZINC. However, the stomach lining renews itself so there is no time to eat.


Your life time saliva can Fill the whole swimming pool:

 If you spit all your saliva in your whole lifetime, you will be able to produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools


Nose can remember 50,000 different scents.

A human nose is a powerful organ, it can remember 50,000 different scents all together.


Female ovaries have 500,000 eggs:

Females have over 500,000 eggs but only 400 of them will ever get the opportunity to create a life.


500,000 Glands in Sweaty Feet’s:

A normal feet have 500,000 sweat glands and have the ability to produce up to a print of sweat each day.


Human Skeleton renew after 10 years:

This is hard to believe but a human skeleton is grown after every 10 years. It’s not like a snake getting his skin off on regular bases. It is kind of a process that happens with every normal body.


The strongest muscle in the body is the human tongue:

Tongue is the strongest muscle of the human body because it is elastic, yet more flexible and stretchable. This is the reason why it is the strongest muscle of the human body.


Human The only Species to have Emotional Tears:

Though there are millions of different species on the earth yet humans are the only specie that has emotional tears. Tears consist of salt water, as everything that comes out of the body either its tear or poop it has salt in it.


Human Survival without Water?

A normal human body can live up to 20 days without having a single thing to eat. Human can eat herbs and grass if there is nothing to eat. People even prefer to eat worms and insect have high proteins.


Human  Survival Without Food?

A normal human body can live up to 2 days without having a single sip of water or drinking water.  During survival people prefer to drink their own pee, to live a bit longer.


A baby born is partially Color Blind:

Babies can see colors at birth though they are difficult in guessing them as they appear similar to each other. For this reason, many babies prefer to have their attention towards black and white pattern or object. However, some babies may be born with color blindness if not tested for several years.


Jaws are Hardest Bone in human Body?

The jaw bone is not the strongest bone in the human body, but it is the strongest bone in your face. All the bones are pretty much strong, but jaw bone is among the top strongest bones in the human body.


Smallest Cell in the Human Body, Men’s Sperm:

A men's sperm is the smallest cell of the human body. It is milky in color while sperm cells are tiny, consisting of very little in size. However, more than nucleus.


Largest Cell in the Human Body, Female Egg:

The largest cell in a human body is the female egg. Since, you can't see the skin or muscle cell in the human body, yet it is a millimeter large enough to be seen with a naked eye.


Women Blink Twice as compare to Mens:

A woman blinks more than a man because of the high level of estrogens in her body system. Those women who are taking birth control pills will blink even more than any other because of the high level of estrogens.


A man produces 10 million new sperms each day:

Testicles (of an average man) produces 10 million new sperm cell per day. That is quite enough new sperms to repopulate the entire planet in only 6 months.


Women’s Heart Beat Faster than Men’s:

 It’s a fundamental reason that men can run faster than women, but yet women has a faster heart beats no matter running slowly or fast. A study proves that a woman's heart can beat as many as six beats per minute faster than a man's.


Brain is More Active at Night:

Though, a research work it is proved that the human brain works lots better and faster at night than during the days. Still scientist has no idea why this happens but it is mathematically proved that your brain works way faster than day time.

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