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10 Amazing & Jaw-Dropping Facts About Facebook

Posted By: Syed Faizan Ali - 10/25/2013


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Over the past couple of years, Facebook has evolved as a life changing platform allowing people to connect, share and circulate their feelings with the people in their friend list. Those days are gone when you find people having no friends, a simple click and a person can be sitting in your friend list. None the less, Facebook offers "virtual friendship" that means two people who have never met in real could be so close to each other that they might be sharing every feeling with each other, maybe even secretes that they won’t tell to anyone. Here are the 10 Amazing & Jaw-Dropping Facts About Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg is Colorblind:

Have you ever thought about why Facebook is Blue? You would find it shocking that it is blue because Zuckerberg the co-founder of Facebook is color blind. Technically, Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, that means blue is the best color that he could see. Zuckerburg told that to a magazine site that, Blue is a rich color for me, I can see all of blue," he said in an interview.

Iceland created its constitution though Facebook:

In 2011, The Iceland government took the help of Facebook (the leading social platform) to take the suggestions from the citizens of Iceland. Two thirds of Iceland's population (approximately 320,000) was on Facebook who user engaged with each other, debated on a topic and personal inputs were provided to create a spotless and a truly democratic constitution.
8 will Take you to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall:

If you will add 4 towards the end of Facebook’s URL, it would probably direct you to the wall of Mark Zuckerberg. Going with same fashion 5 will take you to another important person working in Facebook till it ends at number 7. Nobody knows why Mark didn’t choose 1 instead of 4. Still, it’s an interest fact to know.

Hack Facebook, Cash 500$:

Believe it or not, you can earn a bounty of 500$ if you hack into the system of Facebook. If you believe you have found a security error, flaw or vulnerability on Facebook you can report it to the higher authorities and if you report turn out to be a genuine error, then you will get the bounty cash price. Who knows may be a job at Facebook?

Facebook, the new Marriages Killer:

Facebook is also renowned for killing marriages of different people where wife found out their husband cheating on them. According to the new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial lawyers, about one in five divorces are due to Facebook. Staggering figures of 80 percent of divorce lawyers have also reported a huge increase in the number of cases that is due to the social media. The evidence was found, either man or women cheating on their marriages. Facebook with 66 percent, MySpace 15 percent and Twitter at 5 percent have played key role in divorces.

A guy Hacked and got a Job at Facebook:

In 2006, a guy known as Chris punam hacked into the database of Facebook and made literally thousands of profiles similar to MySpace Profiles. Facebook hired the hacker and he still works at Facebook till today

Over 350 Million Facebook Addict:

The foundation laid by text messaging is becoming the biggest problem for the young teenagers. Over 350 million people are suffering from a weird addiction called Facebook Addiction that is ridiculously tempting the young generation. FAD or Facebook Addiction disorder is a type of condition in which a person spends hours on Facebook, so much time that the healthy routine of a common person is affected.

The oldest Face of Facebook “Al Pacino”:

Do you remember the guy who use to stare at you while you were logging into your Facebook account? It was none other than the famous Hollywood actor Al Pacino who was a good friend of Mark at Harvard. However, his picture was taken off from the homepage in 2007.

Facebook Need to Ask Microsoft because they work with Google:

Facebook cannot do any kind of partnerships or Acquisition with Google, without telling Microsoft first, thanks to Microsoft's 2007 investment

An Indian Girl Suicide because her parents took away Facebook:

This sounds ridiculously rare that a 17-year-old Aishwarya S Dahiwal Indian girl who committed suicide when her parents refused to let him use Facebook. They took away her computer, cell phones and other gadgets that might have Facebook Access. The police registered an ADR (accidental death record) in the case and the investigation is on. (Source The Hindu)

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